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Europe is currently facing the largest migration of peoples since the Second World War. Many of those who are coming to Europe are displaced from Syria by the civil war there and the depredations of the Islamic State. However there … Continue reading

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The Church in Britain – Three Days, Three Perspectives

I’m in Britain with my family for a few weeks. As a Brit and an ex-pat, living overseas for more than twenty years it has been a privilege to drop in on the church scene in the United Kingdom now … Continue reading

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The Stone the Builders Rejected

Jesus once told a story about a vineyard that was being managed by tenant farmers who ultimately proved to be untrustworthy. You can read the story in Matthew’s gospel, chapter 21 and verses 33 – 41. The story is a … Continue reading

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The Church and the Community – A Reflection from My Hometown

I was recently in my hometown of Luton, England. When I moved away in the 1980s the population was around 170,000 and there were by my count 70 churches in the town. Today the population is close to 210,000 and … Continue reading

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